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History and passion.
People and machinery.
Fashion and quality.






So much history and passion.
The people and machinery. The fashion and quality.
Cotton, lots of cotton, linen, and then the other fibers.
Both rigor and one rule: all Made in Italy
The ingredients are these.

Since 1946, TBM has woven many dreams, from fibers to yarns, from yarns to fabrics.

Warp and weft met a billion times, without ever being the same.

They changed, and we changed with them.
Innovative mind, feet on the ground, where there are hundreds of years of history and expertise.
TBM – proudly made for you.


A careful selection of the best raw materials is the first crucial step to achieve high-quality fabrics.

Cotton from the best harvests worldwide, free of impurities and spinnable at finest counts, and linen grown in Europe allow to produce high performance fabrics.

TBM R&D Office is constantly looking for new solutions to offer customers new proposals on the latest fashion trends: this requires creativity, curiosity and timing. The world’s fashion capital cities are visited many times every year, and the most important shops and stores are an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration.


TBM Group ensures to all its companies to leverage the capacity of a large vertically integrated textile industry.

Spinning mills, weaving, dyeing and finishing present throughout the Italian territory, operate in a context of high technology and maximum flexibility. The production capacity can meet high volumes in a very short time, and the versatility of the machinery allows to diversify the products, ensuring fabrics of authentic Made in Italy quality.

Take a loot at the production steps
TBM group – production.


The collections are constantly evolving, as the result of one never ending research, where cotton and linen, TBM’s own tradition, join every possible evolution in terms of composition, technique of finishing and final look.

Stretch cottons, voile linen and silk blends prevail in spring/summer, where autumn/winter requires blends with wool and innovative fibers such as Lyocell and Modal. Yarn dyed Weaves, jacquard, custom prints, embroidery and flocking, coordinated with the classics, offer a modern and evolved total look.




TBM fabrics dress a sporty and spirited woman who wants to stand out while remaining elegant and feminine.

That’s why the most prestigious brands in the fashion world, along with the big names of pret-a-porter, confirm, season after season, the confidence in our collection and our products that always impress for their freshness, style and completeness.




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